Polychromatic Light Therapy

“Everybody Needs More Light!”

I am wildly passionate about the power of light, sound, color and frequency to stimulate your body’s innate capacity to self heal and return to a balanced STRESS FREE state of being. With Light Therapy, I found the answer to my prayers with a powerful and effective tool to support others and myself in transformative self-care for optimum wellness and age-prevention!

You can come experience Light Therapy for yourself in my office in San Rafael, California. You can also purchase your own Polychromatic LED Light Therapy System to use in your home. The benefits of light therapy increase the more often you use them, so owning your own system can be life-changing!

Understanding Light

Light is the main nutrient of every cell. Using LED Light Therapy, we literally “flood the cells with Light!” The application of BLUE, RED AND NEAR INFRARED LIGHT releases stored Nitric Oxide (NO) in a safe, non-invasive manner and triggers beneficial innate cellular response in the skin, soft tissues, organs, and bones. Light therapy stimulates the “chemistry” of nitric oxide – which is the “chemistry” of healing.

“Light provides neuro-stimulation to revive the brain, and this leads to the overall healing process.”

~ Norman Doidge, MD, "The Brain's Way of Healing”

Why You Should Be Interested In Light Therapy?

Please take a few minutes to learn more how Polychromatic LED Light Therapy works and imagine what is possible when you bring this technology home to serve your entire family (pets, too!) Learn how light penetrates the cells and stimulates the self-healing mechanisms of the body. There are countless scientific reports, case studies, and informational videos online about the beneficial effects of Polychromatic Light Therapy. To start you on your journey to understanding what these are, please watch this short video.


Benefits of Nitric Oxide

  • Releases acetylcholine (parasympathetic)
  • Improves circulation (vasodilation)
  • Increases ATP (cellular energy)
  • Decreases pain and inflammation
  • Increases phagocytosis (immune response)
  • Increases lymphatic activity
  • Increases cell regeneration (wound healing)
  • Increases bone mineralization (reduces osteoporosis)
  • Increases RNA-DNA synthesis (cell building)

Scientific studies have demonstrated that Polychromatic Light Therapy  (PLT) improves symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI), depression, anxiety, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and several other brain disorders.

Polychromatic Light Therapy can increase circulation in the brain improving overall brain health and aids in the potential improvement of cognitive function and memory while decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

FDA Cleared: Increased Circulation and Pain Reduction.

Discover the healing power of light…


Light your way to a healthy brain and a pain free life!

“Our ability to both absorb and radiate light directly leads to spiritual development and health. A decreased ability to absorb light leads to a poorer quality of health and most concretely, a SAD state. Light significantly affects every cell and key regulator centers of the body, including the hypothalamus and pineal gland, the autonomic nervous system, and the more subtle energies of the chakra system.”

~ Dr. Gabriel Cousens

“As Certified Light Therapist over 5 years, I have personally witnessed and experienced many dramatic recoveries. Polychromatic Light Therapy works to speed up the healing process by increasing blood and lymph flow, helping the body detoxify and by stimulating the increased production of Nitric Oxide and ATP – the energy of the cell. To ease pain, increase circulation, reduce stress, accelerate healing, deeper sleep and greater vitality – all through the power of LIGHT! Combining Light, Sound, Frequency and Vibration for Transformational Healing!”

~ April Blake

Light Therapy can be Beneficial for: 



Have shown to be effective for:

  • Pain Reduction
  • Neuropathy
  • Edemas
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Increase Sports Performance
  • Slow Healing Wounds
  • Pre and Post Surgery
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Increased Circulation
  • And more…


Have shown to be effective for:

  • Emotional Stress and Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Memory Loss
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • SAD/Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Stress Reduction
  • And more…


Have shown to be effective for:

  • Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Regenerate Collagen Production
  • Acne and Blemishes
  • Improve Skin Elasticity and Tone
  • Age Spots and Sun Damage
  • Increased Wound Healing
  • Burns
  • Anti-Aging
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Scar tissue reduction
  • And more…

Interested in owning your own light system or booking a session?

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“Light is an essential nutrient for life and all healing processes.”